Monday, November 3, 2008

Paris Hilton's New BFF: Just Pick Corrie Already

In the opening scenes of this episode, Kiki looked so over it, I was thinking she was going to do something like eliminate herself at the end. To me, she just seemed to have "don't wanna be here" oozing from her pores, as excited by the idea of a "who knows the most about Paris" game as I might be if someone called me up to inform me that "The Story of Bricks" would be starting in ten minutes on the Discovery channel.

But to my surprise, it was Kiki who WON the Paris Trivia Challenge. And off she goes to eat dinner with Paris. Her prize.

Paris gives current pet and fellow bigoted offal scrap Corrie the choice of who should be eliminated. I think Paris should eliminate all the rest of them and just declare Corrie the winner, on the basis of their shared values, and shared bigoted scrap of offalhood.

Corrie chooses Zui of course, who in fairness did once mention her desire to plunge a knife into Corrie, a classic and universal textbook example of a reality-show no-no, (and recalling a current thread in the beauty forum, a classic and universal textbook example of someone who should not have dyed their hair black at all, and certainly not with a dye that even people who were born with black hair should stay clear of) but I was really hoping she would choose one of the ones that I keep getting confused with her unless there is a label under their name, someone is addressing them by name, or of course, if Corrie is speaking.

"TTYN," Corrie sneers at Zui.

Then the girls are challenged with a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven with Dirt Nasty, and it is Natasha who gets sent home, as far as I could tell, because she already knew Dirt from back east.

Without Onch, this show is sinking fast.

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