Wednesday, November 12, 2008

90210: Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Leave it to the 90210 producers to give us such gritty, no-holds-barred insight into how the recreational drug business doesn't work. Special Agent Kimberly does not waste any time. They tell her how many seconds she has to get West Beverly cleaned up and she does it!

I read somewhere that Jessica Walter will be leaving the show. After seeing her give us such a gritty, no-holds-barred bleating of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" against a backdrop of hot pink neon lights spelling out "Annie 16," it is clear to me that getting rid of granny would be series suicide.

The only thing I could not have predicted in this week's episode was the decision to follow the protocol established by One Tree Hill that teen drama long-lost brothers must be clad in a uniform indicating membership in some regime-sponsored armed group or other.

Absolutely every other second of the show had been foretold by previous episodes, right down to the porn producer's warm and loving Big Fat Iranian family, where every bullet of every teenager's list of Most Embarrassing Things My Family Could Possibly Do Or Say When My New Romance Comes Over was knocked down cleaner than a bowling ball in the path of a 90210 Wilson on Family night.

Adriana is turning her life around for sure. She appreciated all that warmth and caring so much she even still likes Navid even though it was his week to reveal that he is a virgin. Last week it was Silver. Next week, who knows? What's your guess? Maybe the season finale can be the First Ever West Beverly Purity Ball.

I was soooo hoping that Annie would throw Naomi down for a good, old-fashioned cat-fight. boo hiss, I mumbled in resigned and disappointed unison with my fellow viewers.

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