Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gossip Girl: Xtra Cartoon Goodness!

What a dullard I am. Blame the Pills as usual, but it took me all this time to realize that the Aaron the Promising Young Artist is intended to look like Pete Wentz.

The real Pete Wentz, I guess, doesn't do prime time soap cameos any more now that he has moved on up to the big time and married a Simpson sister and won starring roles in Vote or Lose PSAs (Or maybe it is Choose or Lose. Whatever it is, it is no match for Chuy Can't Vote So We Will). 1TreeHill fans will remember his unforgettable portrayal of himself in season something or other as Peyton's short-lived rock star boyfriend.

But I've wised up now, so I was immediately able to recognize that Naughty Little Emma is supposed to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Confidential to Lil'J: It's eyes OR lips, not eyes AND lips. You really should have paid more attention to those old Conjunction Junction reruns in Vanessa's Home Schooling Package.

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