Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twilight Rants Moved to Their Own Blog

The Twilight-related rants that used to be here glared fiercely into my un-topaz eyes, and in a voice that was more growl than speech, commanded me to vampire-swoosh them into their own special bedless mansion.

"Did you really expect that I would share even such a wretched scrap of cyber-squalor as this," they hissed, "this blog," spitting out that last word as if it were a globule of half-coagulated Tila Tequila blood, "with the likes of Cris Abrego?"

I was resolved to keep my composure. I would not give them the satisfaction of seeing my fear. The rants could not read my mind, and I was not about to concede that advantage - at least not on this point...

What happened next, I will never know, but the rants can now be found on their own blog:

Twilight: Random Layers of Lemons and Lulz

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