Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bad Girls Club Season 3 Premiere

I finally watched season premiere of Bad Girls Club, and once again was disappointed that Cami from Laguna Beach is not among the cast.

At first glance, though none shine with the radiance of a Tanisha, or the fundamental dysfunction of that Season 1 girl from the Mennonite community, Whitney is my initial pick for entertainment potential. (Suggested Drinking Game: every time Whitney mentions "Baah-ston," take a shot).

After breaking into the house, the girls eagerly obtain sex toys and hooker shoes.

Kayla ges a vibrator from the convenient in-home vending machine, and claims that she has never owned one before. She expresses confidence that the Bad Girls Club experience will bring unity and enlightenment.

The girls go out for an evening of brawling, but return home after being ejected from only two clubs.

Amber M. suggests to her fellow Amber that they look for men, but Amber B. complains that there are only "Chinese" and some unintelligible characterizations present, and asserts that she does not "date outside her race," but that she would be nice to an African-American person who came into a club, but that Mexicans are "a little different" because she thinks they are illegal.

Amber B offers to pay the other girls to clean up after her, and expresses a desire to tell "Asian jokes."

The Ambers soon find themselves somewhat isolated, and Amber B, who wishes to employ her roomates as household staff and tell Asian jokes begins to wonder if the Bad Girls Club is right for her, as she emerges as the most isolated of the two, probably because only the other Amber was around when shared her thoughts about African-Americans and Mexicans.

Amber B later delivers a smirkful "apology" to Kayla and Ailea, and the girls decide to try to put their disagreements behind them and dine out.

After they have been ejected from the restaurant, they are nevertheless provided with go-boxes for their food, but Whitney is angry, and shares this with Kayla.

Kayla's anger management issues have been prominently featured in all the girls' outings, but this subplot is nearly completely subsumed by the discomfort of the Ambers.

It is impossible not to wonder whether these girls realize, when they sign up for the show, that there may be an ethnically diverse cast.

This is not the first time I have gotten the impression that producers of a reality show, motivated by a desire for "drama" and "good TV," have made very deliberate casting decisions to put hamsters into an environment in which not only will they feel very uncomfortable, but that will actually be at variance with their beliefs.

Although bounds of good taste may not be a concept frequently heard in discussions of the genre, it is, in my opinion - an opinion which is, by the way, amply backed up by even a cursory glance at the history of Reality Television, not to mention the unexplored and under-touched elements of even this single episode of this very show, that this is not only a practice which smacks of questionable ethics, but even leaving such niceties aside and examining the question under the cold hard lense of business, unnecessary to not only achieving, but surpassing, ratings and revenue goals and objectives.

Note: My apologies to both if I have confused the remarks, etc of the respective Ambers. Although I have categorized them rather broadly as "blondes," they are actually that particular flavor of blonde who has obviously put a great deal of work into closely resembling each other as much as possible. My remarks should not be taken as an accusation that either of them was born with yellow hair, or any reflected aspersion against the millions of people who were, and who look nothing alike.

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