Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hills: Through All The Days of Your Lies

The Hills: Through All The Days of Your Lies

What a night! A full feature-length 90 minutes of Hills magic that will have tongues wagging for days! Right now, I guess most people are understandably still trying to process it all.

Not one, but TWO Spedi not-weddings, Justin Bobby giving Audrina a not-engagement ring, and then, just when you think things can't get any not-better, Lauren appears on the aftershow and reveals that there are more episodes, thus making the blockbuster 4minute Hilltacular we just witnessed the official season not-finale!

Of course we knew something was up last week when the Associated Press was running stories casting some leaks of doubt on the legalizing of the not-legal Patron product placement nuptialoids engineered by marketing genius Spencer Pratt on a Speidaneous weekend trip to Cabo, but it wasn't till I heard the not-judge utter the words "through all the days of your lies" that all the loose ends were tied up.

On the fashion front, who wants to bet Whitney's remarkable aftershow ensemble makes Who Wore it Why on The Dish?

Finally, a moment of pathos, as we all suddenly realize that there is no one left on earth who will tell Lauren Conrad that she should not wear red lipstick, ever.

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Anonymous said...

I Knew it wasn't just me that heard the judge say 'all the days of your lies" lol

I actually thought i was bugging out, so i googled it an up came your yr site :D



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