Thursday, March 25, 2010

High Society: Watch Out, Kardashians! Move Over, Tila Tequila!

At last a show for those of us who just can't stop wondering:

"But what about the girls who didn't make the cut for Rock of Love Bus?"

"High Society" is all about the doings of the creme de les beaufs in New York.

This show may not be suitable for viewers who are sensitive about international smiles-behind-the-fan when the subject of US culture pops up (pun soooo intended).

You know what I mean - people who just don't get that there is no such thing as old oil money.

For We the Authentic Bad Reality TV cognoscenti, however, it's a true treasure trove o' trash, featuring the arch-rival of Adam DiVello discovery wannabe Olivia Palermo, a girl named Tinsley Mortimer, who despite her positioning as an East Coast product, adheres strictly to the Stereotypiconic Indistinguishable SoCal Blonde style template, from corn-colored hair to strippalettos.

Tinsley claims to despise "being flat-footed" so much that she walks on tiptoes even when barefoot.

She is considered by some to be an aristocrat because of an ancestor who was very good at cleaning carpets. (I guess those same people would consider me a-list royalty. I have several ancestors who were really good at designing and weaving carpets).

Other cast tropes include PJ Calderon, in the role of quintessential spoiled brat, steadily partying away his trust fund, villainess gossip-monger Devorah Rose (who I believe gets a catfight scene with Tinsley in an upcoming episode), and Jules Kirby, the mandatory bigoted bus station skank who enjoys abusing hotel staff, and hates everybody but thin heterosexual white protestants. (Jules has since issued the mandatory post-production statement to the effect that CW forced her to say she hates everybody but thin heterosexual white protestants, and the network has duly responded that they didn't).

But the One True and Undisputed Star of the show is Tinsley's mom.

Dale Mercer was born for reality TV. She steals every scene she's in, and the one where, positioned at the foot of a grand staircase, she genuflects to dab at her eyes with the diaphanous hem of her red evening gown qualifies as a Great Moment in Television.

Although sadly, we are unlikely to be blessed with a second season of this train wreck of vapidity (its premiere received the lowest ratings in CW history), we are almost certain to get more of Miss Dale. Producers have got to be fighting over her as we speak.

Hey! I just realized something - Dale has been divorced from Tinsley's dad for like forever, which means she is single, which could mean - O please Mr Cris Abrego, if you are reading this - Socialite Bus of Love???


Kathryn Ryder said...

So true! Dale Mercer is so comfortable in front of the cameras. She looks the camera evenly in the eye and she is certainly the most glamorous of the ladies. She deserves her own spinoff series for sure! And yes, she is single ... and lovely, and charming, and fun to hang out with!

Anonymous said...

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