Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More To Love Does Not Get A First Impression Rose

Predictably, this show is being pimped as some kind of At Long Last! Inspiring Ray of Hope for the world's 98 or so % of women who are not size 0-2.

It's really just a Chubby Chaser version of the Bachelor. The Grand Prize is Luke, one of those dudes.

What, exactly, would be the difference in someone who didn't want you because of your size and someone who did want you because of your size?

It's pretty much a zero-sum game (pun not intended but left there anyway).

That said, if you loves you some trashy reality show (and who among us does not?) then Yay! Here's a new one!

In the parade of contenders, we were treated to such inspiring and hopeful jewels of self-love as "I'd like to lose 50 pounds" and "I prefer to think of myself as 'big-boned'"

The main thing to me that stuck out about these hamsters compared to the average Bachelor selection is that there is a much higher % of beauties. Now I know that's a subjective judgment, but it's still true. A few of them are weapons grade beautiful - Turn-around-in-the-street-and-stare-even-if-you're-a-straight-woman gorgeous, which I haven't seen on The Bachelor or any other reality show, and only one of Luke's choices is plug-ugly, which I have seen quite a lot of on other reality shows, including the Bachelor, and no, I will not name names.

I heard one girl whimper that she finally loves herself. Maybe one day the thought won't make her cry. Oh well, it's a journey, I guess. Baby steps.

Anna-The-Goddess and Sandy both say that they think they intimidate people, but the one who should really worry about that is Arianne, who might want to consider changing the pronunciation of her name. And I would make the same recommendation even if she were five feet tall and weighed 90.

And just in case anyone needs to be told this, a woman who is 5'7" and weighs 180 is "plus size" in the same way that she is "short."

Just as most women in, for example, the US, are size 14 and up, most women are also 5'4" and under.

Somebody tell me if I missed it, but I counted a total of 1 hamster on this show who was 5'4", and 0 under that. Most of them appeared (coincidentally, I'm sure) to be at least or above the minimum height for fashion models, plus size or otherwise.

Which, by the way, is fine with me. I hope they get work. And I guess the fact that even a couple who are "too short" to model made the final cut is remarkable.

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