Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kyle XY: Series Finale Override: The hey_am_here Canon

To say that the series finale sucked, that it was a slap in the face to the many sincere fans of the show, would be an understatement - and nothing but a paraphrase of about 12,975,389.06 other blogrants.

But what the viewers want is closure, and hey_am_here was kind enough to provide it, on the blighted network's on website, and so, without further ado, I present to you the full and original text of what shall henceforth be known as the hey_am_here Kyle XY Canon:

here's what I think so far:

Well first I thik kyle will not kill cassidy but he'll in some how get into cassidy''s memory and find the way he killed sara and save it into a herogliphic memory and that he'll black mail cassidy like he did and threats him if he don't let the familly alone he will expose him and put him i jail.

About what Jessi found in nate's computer I think she knew the fact that Kyle and cassidy are brothers and probably nate too that's why he was interessted in kyle issue.
Then nete wakes and hurts jessi he'll shock her or try to kill her or some thing like that and in some way amanda manages to run away so she goes back to tell kyle. Mean while kyle goes to the rack to save the family and by mark's help he figures out away to do it.

But there's one missing IT'S JESSI so amanda tells him that she is in nate's appart and probably he killed her and that nate is in arage and ask him to stay and don't go that she's gone and that she wants him back since every thing is over now, but he tells her that after what they passed through together he can't leave her that he cares about her that he loves and can't live without her.

So kyle goes to latnock no one was there just like in the firt episode of saison 3 every thing is gone he listens to jessi's hart beats here is it but it's getting slower he starts a deseption to find out where is she she's locked in cassidy's office, she's wonded she is dying here heart is stoping kyle restarts all his power revive her but it doesn' work he's loosing her he lost his hope and as usual it come some one to save the day it's Foss he asks him to kiss her, but kyle says there's no why she's allredy dead but foss inssists so kyle does it at that moment a masse circuit of energy lightens the city of seatel. And here she is, she opens here eyes she's alive but after this whole power loss kyle and her are so tyred and frustraited they just passe up and wake up on the hospital where all the familly and friends were waiting for them. So foss took them to the hospital. Then life goes back to normal at the tragers kyle and jessi decides to take along tripe out of seatel. They continued their training together with foss.

And finally it all ends up three four years later it's josh and andy's wedding every body was there kyle and jessi are back for the weddind they got married and they have tow cute children a boy and a girl "Adam & Sarah", declan and the girl from latnock are married to she became a Prof at the university and declan is now ruling his fathers company since he can't get back to basketball. Lori now is pop star she kept writing songs and her cds are hitting the world but she out of work now, she's pregnant, her husband mark now is working with steven they established acompany working in computers hardwares. And of course you all asking about amanda she's teaching piano and ruling her own conservatory and yes she's got married to a guy who is muscian too he plays violent and she has a very sweet young man seven months old his name is.....defently "KYLE". Oh how do I forgot necole the tender mother she is working at a heigh school as a social conselar. Hey waite I said it's josh and andy's wedding but where are they they're too late every body is waiting for them, oh not they're in josh's room, what are they doing, WHAT??? they're playing G-force!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this tey never grow up even though they are 21 years old unbelievable.
what do you think????????????


BRM said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah thats my story.
Glad that someone likes it.

Anonymous said...

Is that your story? I think it is great, in terms of plots and arcs and things, but you probably already know that either you, the hey_am_here character, or both have some hard-core mechanical issues, like spelling, grammar, etc.

The good news is that if you ever want to you can fix all of that, which might be worth the annoyance, since you are lucky enough to have the part that can't be learned or taught or fixed!

Either way, I hope you will keep writing!

Anonymous said...

nice episodes

Anonymous said...

Series finale of Kyle XY is an amazing.The show revolves around a Matt Dallas. he plays very good role in this show. I have seen it's all episode but mostly i like to watch Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 3 "Electric Kiss" Nice episode.


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